why all my respect

He is a hard worker at his job so he can provide for his family
He is always giving 110 percent
He always makes it a point to kiss me when he gets home
He is stronger than me, both physically and emotionally
He protects me both physically and emotionally
He is very good at fixing things around the house
He is very good a phrasing things
He is always willing to do what I ask him to do, even the dirty work
He loves me without even thinking about it
He has helped me become a better person
He is very picky but doesn’t get mad at me if I don’t do it his way
He is patient, especially with me
He isn’t embarrassed to buy me “girlie things” at the store.
He loves his family with a great deal of passion
He accepted my family as his and loves them like his own
He is so good with our nieces
He is a good driver
He will drive when we go places
He will cook for me
He forgives my when I mess up
He can handle himself in any crowd, and I don’t feel like I have to babysit him
He makes me feel smart, even though he is far smarter
He is always striving to learn something new
He treats marriage as it should, a forever commitment
He is so committed to making our marriage the best it can be
He pushed for a marriage class
For never giving up on us when times got rough
For the sacrafices he makes
For accepting my faults and loving me for me!
I never have to ask him “do you love me” he makes me know it everyday
I feel safe in his arms
I can be myself when I am with him

with all my respect,