Beyond Computers… Cars too!

My man is definitely a computer geek. No question on his prowess in the networking field. He can talk about computer like car enthusiasts talk about cars.

Examples: “This mother board is compatible with these parts”; “in that year this company camp out with these things”; “this part is the same as that part, it’s just called something else”; “you can make these better parts work by doing this”; “the company manufactured x amount of these parts”; “this part can be used for that part”; “even though the documentation is wrong, you can still use these, and this is how”; “I’m sure I have a part that will work for that” … you get the idea, amazing!

Having established his geekiness, you might assume his knowledge or skills end there. You’d be wrong. He is not your typical geek. Not only can he fix my computer, he can fix my car too!

As an example:

Our car needed a new radiator. They no longer make the radiator. There is a new radiator, but it doesn’t even work as well as the original which was barely good enough. Bad choice. He found someone who builds a better radiator that will work. Knowing what type of radiator would be best point #1. Finding best radiator point #2. Being able to change a radiator point #3. Being able to make a radiator that isn’t specifically designed for that vehicle work with all the little parts that need to be tweaked, and in some cases designed, extra bonus points. Making it work the first time, bonus, bonus points. Not afraid to get help or do the work MEGA bonus point. He’s just so good.

Conclusion: I have an AMAZING man AND a new radiator. YAY!