10 Practical Ways to Honor Your Hubby

1. Pray faithfully.

When I pray for my husband, the Holy Spirit softens my heart and his, and I learn to trust God with my marriage.

2. Grow personally.

Time with Jesus and the Bible, studying and repenting are essential to honoring our husbands.

3. Encourage regularly.

As you encourage him, you will begin to understand all the ways you can be thankful rather than grumbling.

4. Inquire daily.

Don’t just ask what he did during the day. Rather, ask how he is doing so you can find ways to serve him if he is stressed or celebrate with him if he is excited.

5. Pursue intimately.

When you work on the friendship, the intimacy becomes more mutually enjoyable, so be willing to step up and pursue him.

6. Play frequently.

When a marriage is all work and no play, it feels like a business partnership instead of a loving partnership, so plan fun.

7. Listen attentively.

Women love to talk, but it is important to learn to listen in order to get to know your husband better.

8. Speak respectfully.

Make sure your tone isn’t out of bitterness or unrighteous anger. His ability to lead will suffer if you are disrespectful.

9. Correct privately.

When you see sin or error, do not try to belittle him publicly, but instead prayerfully approach him with your concerns in private.

10. Laugh loudly.

Back to having fun, don’t allow life to get so serious that you don’t ever laugh together.