Sharing my Hobbies

I enjoy crochet… ok, I’m addicted. I especially like it because it gives me something to do while riding in the car or watching TV. I like getting yarn on ebay because it a good price and they have a much better selection then Wal-Mart, especially since they’re almost never stocked well. We also have a very small yarn shop. But those are my options in town. And with ebay it’s really hard if I’m trying to get specific colors or textures and I don’t know which brand/color I need.

On this basis, we recently went to Vegas for a concert, so of course I wanted to go somewhere to look for the yarn I needed for two particular projects. Shopping is definitely not my man’s idea of a good time, and a craft store is near top of the list of worst places to go shopping. However, he knows we don’t have much here and he wants me to be happy, so he agreed to the craft store. This in and of it self is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t stop there. I didn’t have my sisters there to help me decide on yarn, and it is not often that you find exactly what you want right away, so I needed, or really wanted anyway, some help deciding what to get. Now we’re getting into the nightmare realm. Not only does he not want to have anything to do with choosing yarn, he also does not want to feel inadequate to choose yarn. Textures and colors are not his fortay.

My man proved his love, by not only let me go to the craft store, but also participated in choosing yarn for my projects. He also proved again how much more than adequate he is, he is extremely good at figuring things out, even when it comes to my things like yarn. He was so helpful in helping me choose the best options for my projects from what was available, no one else could have helped me more. Selfishly I would love his help with my stuff all the time, he is just so good at seemingly everything I need. But I try not to push him into unpleasant things too often, and I am extremely grateful to him for being there when I “need” him, even for things that may seem silly, like yarn or dead lizards.

Besides helping me when I need him, he also shares in my hobbies by actively listening to things that I’m doing, or getting, or want to try. He also encourages me in the things I do. He is a true friend and self-sacrificing man. A wonderful example of what a real man truly is.